Business Trade Name: Electrical Engineering Company


Electrical Engineering Company (EEC) has made its debut in manufacturing electrical Substation and assembling substation equipment in the year 2013, which has created a new horizon in the field of transformer production in Bangladesh. Since the inception of its establishment as manufacturer, EEC have been assembling comprehensive range of single phase and three phase Oil filled Distribution Transformers.

It is not an embellishment to mention that EEC have been making a steady development in design and technical skill and maintaining a apposite delivery schedule which are considered as basic criteria towards customer satisfaction what EEC always pursue. It has been possible for our well versed craftsmanship, skilled management and sagacious entrepreneurship.

We made transformers that are designed complying the International Specification IEC-76(1976) as well as the specification of national standard and other specification as required by the respective customers. Transformer manufactured by EEC, is being tested and certified by CERS.



ISO Certified Company


Best Supplier's Awards-2015

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Best Supplier Awards-2015 from Shelter Housing Ltd.


Best Supplier's Awards-2016

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Best Supplier's Awards-2016 from Moonstone Properties Holding Ltd.


ISO Audit by BSTI

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Part of ISO Audit by BSTI.



Md. Motiur Rahman
He has also experience in system of Production.

Adviser One

Engr. Md. Abdul Mannan Miah
B.Sc Engr. Mechanical
He has Successfully Completed So many project.
He worked for 18+Years in power sector

Adviser Two

Engr. Md. Shahidul Islam
B.Sc In Electrical & Electronics
He has Successfully Completed So many project.
He  is Specialized to Design for Distribution Transformer.
He worked for 15+Years in power sector.

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